Roxie Ann Jones McEachern

Roxie Ann Jones McEachern

May 26, 1859

Roxie Ann Jones McEachern

Roxie Ann Jones McEachern was born in Fayette County on May 26, 1859, the daughter of Josiah Jones and Emily Davis. Her father died in the Civil War and is buried in Virginia. The 1870 census Fayette County Georgia states “Roxie is 11 and living with her Uncle Nimrod Davis along with her brothers and sister following the death of her father and her mother.”

On January 7, 1879 Roxie Ann Jones married Sanford McEachern. Their son Walter, my grandfather, was born December 11, 1879 and followed by Clara, Paul and Elizabeth.

Roxie McEachern was my great grandmother. The 1900 Census reads “Roxie A. McEachern is widowed. She has four children all living. Children at home are Paul and Elizabeth and her older son, Walter, lives with her along with his wife Hattie and their daughter, Stella, born June 18, 1900”.

Stella McEachern was my mother. She married John W. Tate in July 1928 and I was born May 23, 1929.

Grandma Roxie wanted to have a big birthday celebration on her 75th birthday. Thus, began the tradition of the McEachern Family Reunion which continues until today. Grandma Roxie died in 1946 at 87. Each year on the fourth Sunday of May the descendants of Roxie and Walter and Hattie and Annie McEachern gather at the Ebenezer Methodist Church and remember past celebrations with new generations each year. After Hattie died in 1901, Walter married Annie Estelle Tedder in 1905 and they had ten children. So, there are many cousins meeting and eating, along with friends and neighbors on the fourth Sunday of May every year.

Sources: 1870 Census, 1900 Census, Joyce Bannister

By Joyce Bannister


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