The Battle of Ellison’s Mill, Virginia

The Battle of Ellison’s Mill, Virginia

June 26, 1862

The Battle of Ellison’s Mill, Virginia


On June 26, 1862 during the War Between the States a local company of infantry was involved in one of the most hotly contested battles of the war. The 44th Georgia Regiment under the command of General Roswell S. Ripley had made a charge upon the enemy but were impeded by a mill pond full of fallen trees and other obstructions. As the brigade moved forward it became pinned down on an open field under a constant volley of Union lead and shrapnel, causing men to literally “hug the ground”. Company “G”, the “Huie Guards” losing a total of 21 men killed or wounded in the action. The casualties for the regiment was the 2nd greatest loss for any Georgia regiment during the entire war., however, the “Huie Guards” would sustain even more losses almost a year later at the battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia, where they would lose 3 killed and 19 wounded and/or captured.


Source: The History of Fayette County 1821 – 1971 Carolyn Cary, Ed. 1977 Fayette County Historical Society

History of the Doles Cook Brigade


By John Lynch

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