Addie Cofield

Addie Cofield

October 26, 1911

Addie Cofield


Addie Cofield was the fourth child of seven born to Sam and Ada Cofield. They were farmers and worked for Mr. Redwine of Fayette County. Addie’s father worked at the cotton mill and her mother washed for people and did sewing. Addie’s job before school was to churn the butter, and take care of one of her younger sickly sisters. Other chores included chopping cotton.

After school or church, Addie would either play baseball or play on the train track near their home. Her brother taught her how to “throw a ball dirty to keep people from hitting it.” She had neighbor boys in tears because they couldn’t get a home run past her.

One time they saw President Roosevelt ride by their house on the train, a special occasion. Other times people on the train that knew them would bring bags of fruit and throw the fruit off the train to them. Sometimes they would try to flatten pennies on the track.

Addie was a member of Edgefield Baptist Church all her life. When she was young she sang in the choir. To join the church she and her cousin was baptized in a little pool in the churchyard. On that special day she got a new dress that was white with a white sash. The preacher and the congregation sang, “Take me to the water to be baptized”.

Addie Cofield died September 18, 1998 at the age of 86. She is buried at the Fayetteville City Cemetery.

By Angela Pendleton

Sources: Fayette Portraits Spring 1994, & Findagrave memorial 45313011


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