Arthur Arnold

Arthur Arnold

September 15, 1881

Arthur Arnold


Arthur Arnold was born on September 15, 1881, in a house just across Whitewater Bridge. His parents were former slaves, Henry Arnold and Nellie Dorsey. He had 10 brothers and sisters. As a child, he went to school at Flat Rock and Arnold Grove. The family farmed on land several years owned by the Blalock’s and the Dorsey’s.

In 1903, he married Arie Blalock. His father-in-law then taught Arthur how to be a blacksmith. He was a blacksmith for Fayetteville for more than 63 years, and he was Fayette’s last blacksmith. He said that he had “shod mules and horses and doctored cows in every pasture in Fayette County except two”.

He was the oldest living member of Edgefield Baptist Church until his death in 1986. He joined the church when it had only its second pastor. In the 1970s Deacon Arthur Arnold would stand on the “Founding Rock” to preach to the congregation. The church was established in 1870.


By Angela Pendleton

Source: Article by Carolyn Cary from Arnold file. (undated)


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