Asian Carp released in Lake Peachtree

Asian Carp released in Lake Peachtree

August 17, 1988

Asian Carp released in Lake Peachtree


Lake Peachtree has a problem; it is overgrown with vegetation and algae. Being a shallow lake; therefore, sunlight reaches the bottom. The sunlight allows for heavy growth of plants and algae, which in turn causes an odor and discoloration of the water in the lake.

On August 17, 1988, Fayette County Water System purchased at $3.00 each, 2,780 Asian carp to put the lake which eat the vegetation and algae. There are heavy fines and penalties for catching these fish. The carp are protected by a Peachtree City Ordinance with a penalty as high as $1000 and 12-months in jail.

The carp are a triploid hybrid – they are genetically incapable of reproducing, which the state requires for the introduction of exotic species. The carp therefore will not create any adverse environmental impacts.

Sources: Fayette Sun and Southside Newspaper, August 25, 1988

By: Angela Pendleton

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