B. D. and Louise Culpepper Murphy

B. D. and Louise Culpepper Murphy

November 22, 1916

B.D. and Louise Culpepper Murphy

Louise Culpepper (1893-1986) and Burket Dean Murphy (1894-1981) were married on November 22, 1916. Both contributed to Fayette County and the State of Georgia.

Louise Murphy was one of the founders of the Margaret Mitchell Library. In the Fayetteville First United Methodist Church she was a member of the 1937 building Committee.

B.D. Murphy (Buck or Mr. Dean) began as a clerk for Walter Wise and later as administrative assistant to Congressman Wise in Washington D.C. While there B. D. graduated from Georgetown University Law School. He practiced law in Fayetteville with his father-in-law J. W. Culpepper. Later he was appointed law clerk to Judge Frank Jenkins and the assistant attorney general for Georgia in 1933. He also served as advisor to three governors and was appointed as a Special Attorney General.

In 1936, he joined an Atlanta law firm, which later became Powell, Goldstein, Frazier, and Murphy. He was with that firm until his death in 1981.

Mr. Dean was a great supporter of the Fayetteville Methodist Church, serving as Chairman of the Trustees, Chairman of the Administrative Board, Finance Committee Chairman, and other offices. His greatest contribution was teacher of the Murphy Bible Class for 56 years where he mentored many.

B.D. and Louise Murphy are buried in the Fayetteville City Cemetery.

By Lamar McEachern

Sources: Fayette County Marriage Book I, Fayette County Cemetery Book, The Fayette County Georgia Heritage Book article by Sarah Murphy (his granddaughter)

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