Closing of the Fayetteville Railroad Depot

Closing of the Fayetteville Railroad Depot

August 18, 1939

Closing of the Fayetteville Railroad Depot


On August 18, 1939, the Southern Railroad Company closed the depot in Fayetteville and officially ended the company’s railroad service through Fayette County. The company had acquired the business from the Atlanta and Hawkinsville Railroad in 1895. The original charter for the railroad had been granted to the Atlanta and Fort Valley Railroad Company in 1886 and the first tracks were laid in 1887. The original depot was built in 1902. The last depot was purchased by the City of Fayetteville and in 1986 was moved from its original location in the medium of South Jeff Davis Drive to East Lanier Avenue, where it served as an official meeting place for the city council and city court proceedings. In recent years it had been an events facility maintained by the city’s Main Street Department.

Sources: The History of Fayette County 1821 – 1971

Fayette Daily News, February 15, 2007


By John Lynch

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