Dominick Scartz

Dominick Scartz

October 19, 1918

Dominick Scartz


Dominick Scartz was born on October 19, 1918 in West Virginia to James and Caroline Scartz. He had 7 older sisters, an older brother Harold and two younger brothers, Eugene and Albert who would become his best friends. With so many siblings, he was bound to have to wear the hand-me-downs from his older brother Harold. As a child the family visited the White House in Washington D.C., saw the monuments, and attended a parade. He once was a caddy in the Augusta Master’s National Golf Tournament.

When he was young he worked at a gas station and made 10 cents an hour, but eventually he joined the Army and was a sergeant in the 5th regiment.

Dominick Scartz met his spouse because they lived in the same town. Her name was Anna Jene (b. Sept 1920). They were married in Fairmont West Virginia in 1940. They had two children, Dominick Jr and Kathy. Eventually the family re-located to Fayette County.

Jene died in April of 1995. Dominick died February 14, 2007. Both Dominick and Jene are buried in the Westminister Memorial Gardens in Peachtree City, Fayette County.


By Angela Pendleton

Sources: Fayette County Public Library folder, “Local Resident of Fayette Co. Ref. GR”

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