Edward E. Spurlin, Fayetteville Mayor

Edward E. Spurlin, Fayetteville Mayor

July 8, 1903

Edward E. Spurlin, Fayetteville Mayor


Colonel Edward E. Spurlin was the 8th Mayor of Fayetteville. He was born October 30, 1876. He died September 30, 1904. He would have been twenty-eight years old on October 30th. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Spurlin of Lowery. He was married to Lora Grizzard , daughter of Dr. and Mrs. N. J. Grizzard. Dr, Grizzard had served on the town council before Spurlin was mayor. They had two sons, one of which died on June 29, 1904.

He was an 1898 graduate of the law class at the State University and with W. B. Hollingsworth attended the centennial celebration at the University of Georgia. He was the clerk and legal counsel for the Board of Commissioners. He was admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court in Atlanta April 1901. His law office was in the courthouse.

As Mayor he wrote about the growth of town and boasted about the two broom factories. His interest was securing a cotton factory for town.

The town election for mayor and council was held Wednesday July 8th, 1903 and E. E. Spurlin was elected to the town council.

  1. E. Spurlin died September 30, 1904 and was buried next to his son in the City Cemetery.


By Tony Parrott

Source: Fayetteville News



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