Fayette County Festival

Fayette County Festival

August 19, 1836

Fayette County Festival


“A number of citizens of the county assembled this day at the courthouse, agreeably to an arrangement that had been previously made for the company of Fayette County Dragoons, who had a few days before reached their homes from the previous campaign against the Creek Indians, to partake of a civic entertainment, prepared for them by their First Lieutenant, William W. Coker. A procession was formed, and the company proceeded to Coker’s Tavern, where they partook of a sumptuous dinner, prepared by the said W. W. Coker. After the table was cleared and prepared, Colonel John Crowley acted as president, and Larkin Barnet, L. E. Case, and William McBride as vice-presidents; (after which) expressives of their feelings and sentiments were given.”

The words expressed by J. C. Terry exemplified the feelings for the men of the company: “Captain Stinson and the Fayette Cavalry under their command; by the alacrity and promptitude with which they repaired to the scene of danger; their industry and perseverance in trying to hunt out the enemy, they have done honor to themselves, their country, and their State; we hail their return to their homes with the most heartfelt pleasure.”


Source: Federal Union Newspaper, Milledgeville, Ga. September 27, 1836

BY: John Lynch

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