Fayetteville City Election

Fayetteville City Election

July 12, 1907

Fayetteville City Election


The annual election for Mayor and town council was held Wednesday. There was no opposition to the old ticket, but some of the candidates were very inclined to grumble at having to serve another term. However, they were held in line by the kind but firm determination of other citizens who were all horribly frightened lest the job might be thrust on them. The ticket is as follows:


For Mayor

  1. W. Culpepper


For Councilmen:

  1. P. Mize
  2. H. Stephens

John Brodgen

  1. D. Redwine
  2. A. Lester


After a hard day’s work, the marshal managed to get enough voters to the polls to have these gentlemen elected, and they will be compelled to serve out the sentence.


By Tony Parrott

Source: Fayetteville News, July 12, 1907

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