Herb Frady

Herb Frady

October 24, 1930

Herb Frady

Herbert “Herb” Frady was Peachtree City’s fifth Mayor, having been elected for the first of his two 2-year terms in 1978. With a population of just over 5,700, the City celebrated its “20th Birthday Party” in March 1979, with more than 1,800 people attending. The first traffic light within the city limits was installed in 1979 at the intersection of Georgia State Routes 54 and 74. The Golf Cart Ordinance was amended in September 1980, with no carts allowed to travel on, or cross over, highways 54 and 74 except where crossings were provided. A busy year continued into 1981 as a “handicapped parking” ordinance was adopted, the communication system was updated, and building codes were amended. As 1981 came to a close, the City moved towards activating the Water & Sewerage Authority, and Recreation Authority. Herb Frady completed his second and final term as Mayor of Peachtree City in December 1981. Frady was elected to the Fayette County Board of Commissioners in 1993 and served until 2012, completing his service as Chairman.

Frady was born October 24, 1930 and died February 22, 2018. He is buried in Westminster Gardens in Peachtree City.

Source: City of Peachtree City, City Council Meeting History

By Janis Hooper

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