Hill P. Redwine

Hill P. Redwine

July 16, 1971

Hill P. Redwine

Hill P. Redwine was born in Fayette County in 1882. He drove a cart to Fayetteville to go to school and stayed with his grandfather Monday through Friday. When he was 18, he and his brothers formed a partnership known as Redwine Brothers. A partnership that lasted over 60 years. H. P. went to work for W. S. Witham in the banking business. During the 12 years he worked for Witham he sent money to his brothers to invest. The Redwine Brothers brought the Farmers and Merchants Bank in the 1920 and H. P. served as President for 1955 to 1969 when he became the chairman of the board.

  1. P. was Mayor of Fayetteville from 1939 to 1945. In the 1930s he donated the land for the Fayetteville Methodist Church. He received a 35-year award from the Standard Oil Company. He was a licensed embalmer. The Redwine Ford Dealership was one of the oldest in the state.

The Redwine Brothers also had interest in cotton seed mills and warehouses. H. P. was especially proud of the lumber mill. The family farm grew from 100 acres to 3200 acres.

  1. P. died on July 16, 1971 and is buried in the Fayetteville City Cemetery.

By Tony Parrott

Source: Obituary Fayette County News (undated)

Redwine Family file at Fayette County Historical Society


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