Howell B. Parker

Howell B. Parker

September 28, 1888

Howell B. Parker

Howell B Parker lived in Jonesboro, with G C Looney, in the 1880 census, he is listed as a boarder, with 8 other men living in the Looney home. He was a teacher, but he is not found in later census records. He had great confidence in his teaching since he ran this ad in the Sept 28th issue of The Fayetteville News. He also ran the following ad:

“I will teach Arithmetic, for 20 days. The course will be Through and Practical. This is the opportunity for Married, as well as Single persons to obtain a thorough and Practical knowledge of Numbers. Your progress will depend upon your Natural Capacity. However, I am sure that I can teach as much in 20 days as is usually taught in ten months.

Tuition $2.50.

School will begin Monday. Nov 26 and close Friday Dec 21, 1888

Mr. Parker also posted a notice about school closing Oct 5th, 1888, and “earnestly inviting all the patrons and friends of the school” to come to the Academy (now the site of Fayetteville City Hall) and hear interesting classes and speeches.

Under the invitation to attend graduation, he had an advertisement asking that anyone who owed him money for tuition to pay promptly, if unable to pay it all, to pay part. “This is a letter to let you know that I need the money and am ready to receive it.”

By Jane Strickland

Source: Fayetteville News

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