Lois Brown Seawright

Lois Brown Seawright

October 14, 1976

Lois Brown Seawright


Lois Brown was born in the Shakerag District of Fayette County on May 7, 1888. Her parents were F. B. (Tobe) Brown and Elvira Bunch Brown. Her father was the Sheriff of Fayette County from 1904 to 1918. Lois married Dr. Eugene C. Seawright on June 19, 1907. While her husband practiced medicine, she worked in the pharmacy. They had two daughters, who she raised while working in the pharmacy. When Dr. Seawright died in 1940, she continued to run the business. For more than 25 years she operated a bus station and the drugstore. Her son-in-law Jack Day operated the pharmacy until 1965 when he died.

In 1965 Lois leased the part of the building that was the drugstore and bus station to Hometown Loan Corporation. The bus station moved down the street to Ward’s Pharmacy,

“Miss Lois” was active in the community. She served as a County registrar, a notary public, and a member charged with landscaping the Courthouse grounds. In 1957, she was appointed the first woman bailiff in Georgia’s history.

Lois died October 14, 1976 and is buried in the Fayetteville City Cemetery.


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By: Tony V. Parrott

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