Mule falls through Ginger Cake bridge

Mule falls through Ginger Cake bridge

July 29, 1918

Mule fall through Ginger Cake bridge.


Georgia, Fayette County

To: Board of Commissioners of Roads and Revenues of Fayette County

The petition of F. M. Norton shows as follows:


That he is the owner of a certain mule, to wit, a black mare mule about five years old, and about 14 hands high, the same being a medium size mule.


That on the 29th day of July he was driving said mule to a one-horse wagon on the public road of said county, leading from Russell’s Mill to Fayetteville, the county seat of said county.


That as said mule was being driving along said public road, between Bennett’s Mill and Fayetteville or about one mile and a quarter from Fayetteville, it came to a public bridge on said road spanning Ginger Cake Creek, and said mule was driven on said bridge, which had no open patent defects, but which in fact was defective in that it had planks on the floor of the same that were old and rotten, which was unknown to the driver of said mule at the time said mule was driven on said bridge.


That the said mule was quietly crossing said bridge the planks on the floor of same suddenly and without warning gave way and broke into plunging said mule through said bridge and seriously injuring same.


That said injury was as follows: said mule was skinned and bruised about the knees, legs and elsewhere, which injury caused said mule legs to swell up, and leave scars thereon which will and has permanently injured and damaged said mule either to use or for the purpose of sale, that said injury was caused by no fault of said driver, but the same was caused by the negligence of the county authorities in not having said bridge in good repair and safe for the passage of mules, wagons and other vehicles.


That said mule was injured and damaged to the sum of $50.00, and this sum is now due the said F. M. Norton by the county of Fayette.

Wherefore the said F. M. Norton files this claim before your Honorable Board, and asks that you inquire into same and pay him the sum of $50.00 for said damages and for the loss of time he sustained in using said mule, which was for 21 days

(signed) F. W. Norton

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 1st day of October 1918. Edgar P. Mize


By Tony V. Parrott

Source: Miscellaneous Fayette County records


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