The Story of Banks Road

The Story of Banks Road


The Story of Banks Road

Many years ago, Effie Davis moved into the neighborhood where Raymond Banks lived. When they got to 9th grade, they started courting and soon Raymond asked Effie’s father if he could marry his daughter, and they were engaged. They married after graduation on December 24th, 1939.

They moved to Newnan, then to Augusta, North Carolina following better paying jobs. In 1946, their first child was born, and they decided to move back to Fayette County. A family friend, Parker Dorman was selling some property near Raymond’s parent’s house, and Raymond and Mr. Dorman struck a deal, with a $20 down payment.

In 1959, a son, Abe was born, and they soon realized they needed more income to maintain the farm and educate two children. They had leased 12 rows of grapes from a friend, Mr. Eidson, and they decided to plant some grapes to earn some extra money. When they would pick grapes near the road, people would stop and ask to buy some. Every day, they had to say, “These are sold, come back in a day or two.” So, more grapes were planted, so everyone could have fresh grapes. Soon the Banks Vineyard was born.

In 1964, the road where Effie and Raymond Banks lived still had no name, and the county officials were busy naming all the roads. Since no one else lived on the road, the sensible thing was to name the road Banks Road.

As time went on, and the County grew, Banks Vineyard began selling produce as well as grapes from a small barn near the road. Growth continued, and now there is a Banks Station and Banks Crossing and many more people live on Banks Road.

Fayette Portraits Fall 1991, from an article by Stacy Smith and Nina Wooten (Nina is the granddaughter of Effie and Raymond Banks) adapted by Jane Strickland.

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