Walter Frances Cowart Reeves

Walter Frances Cowart Reeves

November 3, 2017

Walter Frances Cowart Reeves


Walter Frances Cowart Reeves, 98, of Inman GA, Fayette County, passed away on November 3, 2017 after a long and full life. Frances was born Jan. 8, 1919 in Union City, GA. Frances graduated from Campbell County High School and enrolled at the University of Georgia at age 16. There, she majored in Social Sciences, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1939 and accepted as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Lambda Delta. She received her Master’s in Economics in 1940. At the outbreak of World War II, she enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps (WACS). During several deployments, she rose to the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

She moved to Fayette County in late 1948 and bought a small farm, to raise chickens and trace-mineralized vegetables while she taught science at Fayette County High School. At a housewarming party, Frances was introduced to Frank Reeves, a local farmer, civic leader, and World War II veteran. Discovering mutual interests, the two were married in 1950. Three sons and two daughters followed. While raising a family, Frances taught high school for two years, served as secretary for the local Farm Bureau chapter, sold World Book Encyclopedias, prepared tax returns, was Chair of the Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee, a Board member of the Fayette County Historical Society and writer of “A Short History of Fayette County”, and was an editor at Fayette County News.

Frances was honored as Fayette Woman of the Year, the Fayette NAACP Citizen of the Year and received the 2006 WXIA-TV Community Service Award. The United Way Volunteer Award is named in her honor. For her work with Fayette Senior Services the garden there was built in her honor.

Source: Obituary in Fayette County Historical Society Family File

Fayetteville Enterprise June 12, 1952


By: Tony V. Parrott

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