Wordie Newsom Daniel Dixon

Wordie Newsom Daniel Dixon

October 17, 1874

Wordie Newsom Daniel Dixon

Wordie Dixon was the first to hold the title of School Superintendent for Fayette County. He went around the county to the community schools checking on their progress. In addition, he became the Editor of the Fayette County News on January 4, 1909 and was part owner. For nine years they set type by hand. From about 1918 until his death, Wordie served as County Agent and keeping a daily record of his activities.

In 1918, he built a house in Fayetteville on what is now James W. Dixon Drive. Wordie was a member of the Methodist Church and a Royal Arch Mason.

Wordie died of tuberculosis on February 12, 1921 at age 47. All the schools in Fayette County closed for his funeral. He is buried at Liberty Chapel Cemetery in Inman.


Adapted for article by Elizabeth Dixon Prince in The Fayette County Georgia Heritage Book

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